classes taught

ENG 697 Horror Theory (graduate independent study)

ENG 697 Humor (graduate independent study)

ENG 685 The Child in Transatlantic Literature (graduate independent study)

ENG 642 Nineteenth-Century American Literature

ENG 499 Contemporary Developments: Career Exploration

ENG 499 Contemporary Developments: Editing and Publishing

ENG 497 Horror (undergraduate independent study)

ENG 497 Humor (undergraduate independent study)

ENG 497 The Apocalypse in American Literature and Film (undergraduate independent study)

ENG 460 "Evil" Children in Literature and Film

ENG 441 American Gothic Literature 

ENG 441 Origins of American Culture 

ENG 364W Popular Literature: Crime Fiction

ENG 364 Popular Literature: Science Fiction 

ENG 341 Early American Fiction 

ENG 243 American Literature from 1865 to the Present 

ENG 242 American Literature from Colonial Times to 1865